The Mill Tea Rooms

Chesapeake Mill, Bridge Street, Wickham, Hampshire
01329 832158

Congratulations, you’ve just discovered Wickham’s little secret! More than just a tea room, and hidden in the Chesapeake Mill, this quaint daytime eatery serves homemade food in a unique setting. For three and a half years, Sally Stamp and Lee Denford have been cooking fresh, locally sourced dishes at this unlikely place for a delicious meal.

The Mill Tea Rooms and the shopping emporium complement each other perfectly. With over 30 outlets from antiques to fashion, many customers start with morning coffee, then go for a browse, returning for a relaxed lunch. The window seat offers splendid views of wildlife including ducks and moorhens.

Freshly prepared in the open kitchen with ‘Tull’s of Wickham’ meats and other high quality ingredients, the menu rivals many a restaurant. The specials board is in constant change, and nothing is deep fried. Even the sausages and bacon are oven baked.

With a meal or snack for every part of the day, how you choose to indulge is entirely up to you. Whether you fancy a Sea Bass for breakfast or a late-afternoon Eggs Benedict, you will not be restricted (or judged!) as the entire menu is available all day. With many fish dishes including the magnificent Fish Pie, to light snacks and even oven baked jackets, this place really has it all. This autumn sees the return of the long awaited homemade soups, among the 30 plus menu items. It is worth the visit alone for Mill High Tea – which is much cheaper than The Ritz!

As I made light work of an utterly satisfying Sausage, Egg and Bacon muffin, I noticed some customers eagerly awaiting their cakes fresh from the oven – they are that good! Not to mention the award-winning homemade scones and traditional desserts with clotted cream. Perusing the visitor book, I noticed a comment that really sums up the Mill Tea Rooms: “lovely food, lovely people, lovely place”, which I couldn’t have put better myself!

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